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The Foreclosure Process

The Foreclosure Process in Boca Raton

Boca Raton Foreclosure Defense Attorney: Protect Your Property

If you are in fear of losing your home through foreclosure in Boca Raton, our firm is here to help. We take pride in the fact that over the past 20 years our attorney, Alan J. Fisher, has helped guide tens of thousands of individuals through the bankruptcy process with great success. We have also worked closely with numerous clients to provide them with an aggressive strategy to avoid foreclosure and retain ownership of their home. If your home is at risk of foreclosure, our dedicated team stands ready advocate for you. After an in-depth review of your financial situation we will be able to advise you of the legal options that will best suit your individual situation. We will then work diligently to help you in foreclosure defense. The first step is to call our firm, before it is too late.

Timing is everything when it comes to preventing foreclosure.

It is frightening to be faced with the potential loss of your family home. If you are unable to keep up with your financial obligations, you probably under great financial stress. Now you have to worry about losing your home. What can you do to prevent foreclosure? Understanding the foreclosure process and knowing the common mistakes to avoid is key in helping you prevent foreclosure. In most cases a mortgage lender will wait a minimum of 3 months, or 3 missed payments, before turning your loan over to the foreclosure department to begin the foreclosure process. This means you have time to act. You have time to turn the situation around and regain control of your finances before you receive notice that your lender has put you in foreclosure. There are certain situations and instances when a lender will not wait, so it is in your best interest to obtain legal counsel from an experienced bankruptcy attorney as early as possible in the process.

Once your mortgage lender has sent written notification to you that the foreclosure process has been initiated, the next step will be to advertise the impending foreclosure sale. The law requires that lenders put a notice of foreclosure sale advertisement in a newspaper that is broadly circulated in the county and area in which your property is located. The advertisement must be in the paper once a day for at least 3 days or once a week for at least 2 weeks. These advertisements will appear on the internet as well. 14 days prior to the sale, the lender must send a certified letter to you as the defaulted borrower to inform you of the sale and provide you with the details relating to the exact property being sold, the time and place of the sale, and the terms in which the sale will take place. The sale of the property cannot be held less than 8 days after the first newspaper advertisement was placed, nor can it be held more than 30 days following the final advertisement. There is no way to exactly predict the timeframe for any particular foreclosure process. On average the entire process takes approximately 5 weeks before your property will be sold. If you want to avoid losing your home to foreclosure, call a Boca Raton bankruptcy attorney at our firm today.